Privacy Policy
Latest version: April 2012
Dear User,
We would like to inform you that:

- This page describes data processing methods for the personal data of users who access this site, independent of their motives. - FERVI S.p.a and its companies are committed to protecting users' privacy and to preserving personal information provided from access, use or spread to non-authorised parties. - This website provides information on the Fervi brand, its products and promotions.

Data Ownership
Data is held by FERVI S.p.a for their respective areas of competency. Our headquarters is in Via del Commercio 81 41058, Vignola (Modena).
Responsibility for data processing
The partners who support our company operations have the specific responsibility to guarantee customer privacy.
Hosting service
Our site is hosted on computers managed by: Hotminds S.p.a
Virtual data collection for website access
Our site's web servers only request the user's browser provide information that is strictly necessary to establish communication.
This essentially regards data related to the pages visited, identification of the service provider and the IP (Internet Protocol) address used to access the Internet; the date and time the site is accessed and the Internet address of the website from which the user has gained direct access to the site.
Cookies are not used on this site to transmit personal information, neither are permanent cookies of any type used to trace users.
Temporary cookies (which are not stored by the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed) are strictly limited to the transmission of temporary identification (made up by numbers randomly generated by the server) and necessary for safe, effective use of the site.
The temporary cookies used on this site avoid the use of other information methods that could potentially affect customer privacy during site use and do not allow users' personal identification data to be collected.
Collection of personal data and transparency
Fervi provides information on Italian and EU Law regarding the collection, use and management of personal data.
This information guarantees maximum transparency on the following aspects:

- The aims of the data processing
- The relative methods of use
- The area of communication of the personal data processed
- The obligatory or optional nature of information given
- Addresses and methods to allow those whose data is being processed to access and oppose this process, as is their legal right.
- Requests, where necessary, for legal consent.

Personal data storage
Unless advised by the subject and if there are no other legal obligations, data is held only for the period that is necessary to achieve its aims.
If the subject believes, for any reason, that the aim of this data processing is complete, they can inform us at the addresses given below. A company employee will evaluate the request and eliminate the information.
Access to personal data and methods of exercising subjects' rights.
We welcome comments regarding our customers' privacy.
If you believe that FERVI S.p.a and its companies do not respect the rules outlined in this policy, please send your comments via e-mail and/or post to the following addresses:
Via del Commercio 81
41058, Vignola (Modena)
By using these channels, you can also exercise your rights to access, rectify or oppose personal data processing under privacy laws.
Changes to the current policy
FERVI S.p.a reserves the right to update this privacy policy. In this case, the date at the top of the document will be changed, with the title "Latest version".
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