Frequent questions of general nature on the products
What is the difference between a spare part and an accessory or a consumable part?

A spare part is a fundamental item for machine operation. An accessory or consumable part is a component which is subject to wear and that needs periodic replacement.

Where can I find the exploded views and the list of spare parts for my FERVI product?

The internet site gives, for every product, a data sheet and any exploded views which carry also the references (codes) of components (spare parts).

How can I obtain again the instruction manual for my product?

By submitting the year of manufacture and the product code (shown on the identification label affixed to the product), FERVI can, thanks to their own database, find out the original instruction manual.

How can I obtain again my product’s compliance certificate?

The compliance certificate is delivered with any new machine, together with the operation and maintenance manual.
For asking FERVI a copy of the compliance certificate, in case the original one was lost, it is necessary to submit: year of manufacture, product code, and manufacturing lot (or serial number). All such data are to be taken from the identification label affixed to the machine.

Is it possible to utilize a machine – which is designed for a specific use – for another similar use?

The use of a product is always associated and tied to the specifications stated in the operation and maintenance manual, in that the product was designed and rated (sized) for the specific use for which it was sold.
FERVI do not undertake any warranty or liability whatsoever in case of break or even of accident at work caused by improper use of the product, like for example utilizing a wood cutter for shearing other materials.

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