Frequent questions of purely technical content
Is the bit to be lubricated when drilling?

When processing metallic materials, lubrication of the drilling bit is recommended: it lengthens its life and improves performance.

Why my pneumatic screwdriver sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t?

It depends on the pressure supplied by the compressor, which at times is insufficient, being it unable to get over the minimum required operating pressure threshold.
As the air consumption by the gun is quite high, it may happen that, although gun operation was regular when the compressor was at full load, after just a few turns the gun doesn’t function anymore due to pressure drop in the compressor (it has gone under such threshold). This situation is typical when the compressor is of limited capacity.
The only way for restoring gun operation is recharging the compressor.
Obviously, a new compressor with adequate capacity would be the appropriate solution.

If my product is powered by rechargeable batteries – and I am not going to use it for a fairly long time – should I preserve the batteries fully charged or discharged?

Some of our products are equipped with rechargeable batteries; these are to be recharged periodically (once a month), even if the product is not used.
In certain cases, if a battery gets fully down, it can no longer be recharged.

Do you have the spare jaws for your spindles?

FERVI supply all the spare jaws and other parts for the spindles in their catalogue, except for series M049.
Also the jaws of the spindles equipping the machines are available.

The FERVI lathe spindles are made of what material?

All of our spindles are made of cast-iron, and their jaws are made of steel.

How can I choose the revolving turret (carrying the tools) for my lathe?

The required revolving turret is identified through the height of the lathe bits (measurable from the level of the guides to the middle of the spindle). It is advisable to install larger turrets, in order to be able to accommodate the biggest usable tools. It must be borne in mind that using oversized tools will impair the life of your lathe.

What is the difference between a machine with change by belts and a machine with change by gears?

On machines with change by belts, for varying the speed it is necessary to reach the compartment of pulleys and to change the combination of belts.
On machines with change by gears, speed is varied by operating on a set of external mechanical selectors: different combinations correspond to different speeds.
In both cases, speed change is permitted only with the machine off.

What is the difference between a drilling machine and a drilling + milling machine?

A drilling machine is designed exclusively for drilling.
A drilling and milling machine can either drill or mill (by means of special accessories: mill spindles or mill holder couplings locked by a tie rod). Milling operations cannot be executed with ordinary spindles or couplings.

Why my sand blasting machine loses sand?

A sand blasting machine needs quite frequent maintenance.
When a loss of sand occurs, there is to check that the filter isn’t clogged and that the air outlet holes are not closed.

Why do I get a poor performance from my sand blasting machine?

If the machine is sand blasting less and less, there is to check that the abrasive power of the sand is not degraded (worn sand).
Another reason could be the hole of the ceramic nozzle of the gun that has increased in diameter: in such a case, substitute the nozzle. Check that the pressure of the gun, when being  used, is correct: this is essential for achieving a satisfactory process.

May I use other sorts of abrasive media for my sand blasting machine?

Yes. If the surface you are sand blasting is scratched too lightly, certainly by substituting the abrasive medium for a more aggressive one you can achieve better results.

What type of liquid may I use in my piece washer?

FERVI propose two different detergents applicable in their piece washers.
One is soluble in water up to 50%, and it is suitable for use in all Fervi washing tanks.
The other is a solvent-based liquid, recommended for all Fervi washing tanks. With this product, all usual precautions for handling flammable liquids are to be taken.
It is forbidden to use other products such as gasoline and any petroleum, diluents and other solvents: they would damage the pump and the machine irreversibly.

Why my digital gauge doesn’t work?

All digital instruments are fitted with button batteries. If such instruments remain unused, the batteries get discharged. Generally, even the spare battery will be discharged.

Why is the display of my digital gauge blinking?

This means that battery needs replacement.

May I use an electric or manual winch for lifting weights?

As indicated in question/answer 5 of general nature, the change of use of a product is neither allowed not supported by warranty. In particular, the winch is designed for pulling horizontally an object laid on the floor, not for lifting. Thus, it can absolutely NOT be used for lifting. The tool for lifting is the hoist.

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