Vignola March 13, 2020

The spread of (COVID-19) Coronavirus from China to the whole world in a few months made it necessary to contain measures of contagion of extraordinary magnitude.
In Italy we are, so far, the most infected country and our Government with several close measures (DCPM) has issued recommendations, suspensions and restrictive prohibitions aimed at mitigating the speed of propagation of the infection.
In most countries of the world, we are witnessing the promulgation of prohibitions and non-homogeneous recommendations. This must not frighten or distress us but it is in human nature to have non-simultaneous and non-homogeneous reactions.
Sometimes some behaviors may seem inadequate, but they refer only to the temporality and sensitivity of interpretation of other sovereign countries and their leaders.
Out of the emotions referable to the above, the world is moving towards all those actions that can slow down first and then defeat the infection.
We will try to compare what is happening to us with other negative factors that have occurred to humanity: wars - plagues - natural upheavals in order to take courage and hope from past experiences.
But courage and hope are individual and we must build them with our behaviors, our commitment, our persistency.
We will transform these individual values into collective values and together we will win the infection.

We, the Fervi Group, are a small segment of the World Community, including our external collaborators, the Companies in Spain and Germany, including the Families, we will be around 500/600 people.

So what can we do:

  1. Follow the instructions of the respective governments;
  2. Follow the instructions regarding the hygienic conditions to be implemented;
  3. Don't stay helpless without doing anything: let's remember at home and at work (even remotely) of all those things that we have always set aside for lack of time;
  4. Let us find ourselves ready to start again with renewed vigor when we have overcome the disease

We will get out stronger and more motivated and we will still be here to build our future with passion and energy.

In particular, I feel obliged to specify the following:

  1. To date we have no information that no employee or family’s member has contracted (COVID-19);
  2. We have set up the crisis unit for over a week and we have informed all our employees about behaviors and actions to be followed in harmony with the DCPM promulgated from time to time;
  3. We continue to serve our Resellers and their Customers by delivering the materials necessary to support the production chain both in Italy and in Europe;
  4. We have incentivized direct deliveries by offering our availability for direct distribution (drop shipping) to the End Users: that is, the Clients of our Clients, temporarily charging us the costs or reducing DAP (delivery at place) bases over300 Euros;
  5. We launched Linkedin and Facebook campaigns to encourage the purchase of products online;
  6. We have activated smart working for the activities that allow it;
  7. We have implemented a staff reduction plan following the directives of the Prime Minister's Decree or preferring parental leave and previous holidays.

But above all, we will follow the provisions of our government which it promotes from time to time.







Best Regards,


Il Presidente
Roberto Tunioli



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