Trolleys, tables, keys, screwdrivers, extractors, pliers, hammers, lime, chisels… our catalogue contains everything that can usually be found among the common tools sold in any hardware store but with the added value of the quality and safety that Fervi guarantees to all DIY enthusiasts and the most discerning sector professionals. Don’t settle for any old tool! Fervi hardware items are suitable for any type of work and stand out from others on the market thanks to the optimum price-quality ratio. The range of tools and hardware products offered by Fervi includes keys, screwdrivers, extractors, pliers, cutting tools, trolleys, tables, cabinets, drawers, cases and kits, heaters, lighting and lenses, welders, paint-strippers and glue guns, pneumatics, for the garden, safety and accident prevention and much more!

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